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The Last Supper

The Last Supper It was on that night that they took to the streets.They seemed to be angry, but they came in peace.They stood in the center of the square in silence.Children of the nation, now standing united. In a house on the square, on the fourth floor,In a civic apartment, with ‘four/fourteen’ on the door,At a set table, the […]

Morning Blues

Morning Blues Non-stop poundingHungover headIn a hotel roomI woke up in bedA woman, a strangerLied to my leftI looked her overBut I had no guessI was in troubleLast night was a messToo many drinks& Too high did I get. The disheveled sheetsI quietly climbed fromWaking the girl upWas too scary an outcomeBefore to the bathroomI went, silent as a nunAgain […]


Madness I’m sitting at the tablewriting this poemI am not typing quicklyjust as quick as I’m going.I feel a small prickmy brain goes numbdivided consciousnessI cannot recognizewho I have become.An ambulance came for medreadfully yellowto lock me awayfar from what I know. We walk down the hallwaythe neon just shinesI hear them talk about methat to myself and othersmine is […]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3DlLbcvLGM Rendezvous Rendezvous in a smoky barHidden in the half-dimmed dark.Secret, shielded, glancing aroundHand in hand, pondering bound.Waiting always, a fleeting hourEyes of light, lips of moonflowersColor of her hair, taste her voice in the air. Softly touching, gently tastingFrom time to time trembling, shaking.Waiting for death longing for peaceThe fleeting moments treasured, sweetRecalling scenes of hands in handBuried together […]

On The Road

On The Road Sitting in the car, in the front seat, in a silent laugh,No, for a while now, I haven’t been the one driving down the path.I’m smiling just thinking aboutwhat if I rolled the window downand proceeded to stick my cane out,I wonder what people would sayIf my cane hit every passing sign along the way.What if this […]

The only Drop

The Only Drop The painter was watching the beautiful woman,Unfolding his raggedy easel before him.From his collection, he takes worn-out brushes,To place a clean canvas on the frame, he rushes.He wanted to beat his contemporaries out,And create a masterpiece for which there’s no doubt.For the perfect picture, everything was given,Bringing him life, towards which he has striven.The subject of desire […]

Georg and Sally

Georg and Sally I’ll tell you a tale, one of a bizarre crime,Of Georg and of Sally, one as old as time.Though knowing the victim is not relevant,Read this poem, and think: what could have happened?The case took place in the Great British Isles,In the suburbs of London, which was just a few miles.In Georg’s and Sally’s small flat full […]

The Figure

The Figure I’m lying on the bed and wake up to find,Midnight has passed, but something is not right.I’m freaking cold, I may have a fever.An otherworldly force I sense from the ether. Fright catching up, my body a cauldron.Feet sticking out of my quilt by a margin.In the cold room, I can see my own breath,My nerve strings are […]

The Pantomime

The Pantomime Some lipgloss, foundation, and a few patches,He must hurry, for spring nearly hatches.He paints his entire face white as snow,To match the gloves he puts on for the show. He places a teardrop on the corner of his left eye,Applying red lipstick on his lips which are dry.He pulls a raggedy, striped undershirt on his chest,And pins a […]