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On The Road

On The Road

Sitting in the car, in the front seat, in a silent laugh,
No, for a while now, I haven’t been the one driving down the path.
I’m smiling just thinking about
what if I rolled the window down
and proceeded to stick my cane out,
I wonder what people would say
If my cane hit every passing sign along the way.
What if this is me writing my new song
and I keep singing it, long as I can ’til it moves on.
We’re going at good speed and the roadside markers
provide the tune with a rhythm that never falters.
tap tap tap tap tap tap thud…
(Might have been a roadsign, Bud…)

The rhythmic drumming slowly lulls me to sleep
and for the first time in a long time, I dream.
I’m sitting in the car in the front seat, having a loud laugh
Yes, Yes! It’s me driving down the path!
The sun shines in my face and music is playing
to Beethoven, Mozart, rock or metal I’m swaying.
My fingers hit the steering wheel like drumsticks
There’s pulsing in my palms when the bass kicks
The kettledrums harmonize, a perfect mix
tap tap tap tap tap tap thud…
(Another roadsign, Bud…)

The thud wakes me up. I’m in the front seat, no more laugh,
Just sitting silently, it’s no longer me driving down the path.
Cane in my hand, I roll the window back up
I don’t even listen to the drum
But within me there is a rhythm that hums
tap tap tap tap tap tap thud…

Translated by Esther Brownwood



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