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The Figure

The Figure

I’m lying on the bed and wake up to find,
Midnight has passed, but something is not right.
I’m freaking cold, I may have a fever.
An otherworldly force I sense from the ether.

Fright catching up, my body a cauldron.
Feet sticking out of my quilt by a margin.
In the cold room, I can see my own breath,
My nerve strings are plucked by a demon, I sense.

I see something move, the moon shines a light,
I feel that I’m not as alone as I’d like.
My body in chills, my soul frozen – stuck,
I have never encountered a figure as such.

Eyes burning like coal in the infinite dark,
He peeks from the door and grins like a shark.
He lets out a shriek, that’s when I come to,
This is all frightening, but I’m not scared, are you?

Scythe in his hands, thousand teeth in his mouth,
“I came just for you!” He grumbles aloud.
I watch from afar as the fear builds inside,
My time has come, I know he’ll take me tonight.

I am oh-so nervous, I’m not ready to go.
I can’t be the reason Death is tardy and slow.
I finally step out of my warm, cozy bed,
So that I may leave with my dignity instead.

I stand by the bed in my birthday suit.
The floor cold beneath me, my steps also mute.
I swallow once more, my eyes already closed,
My soul clean as well, as my breathing slows.

I gather my strength and take a few steps,
He’s so horrifying, I can’t watch the rest.
But the light of the moon hits the flooring just so,
Giving me a glimpse of what reality shows.

The terror, who now stands before me,
Is no more than 4 inches. Death is tiny!
With his huge eyes, his gaze questioning,
He doesn’t get who I am or my lack of clothing.

He angrily pushes me out of the way,
And loudly declares he has something to say:
I do not know why you’re standing there naked,
Move aside, old man. It’s the hamster I’m takin’!

Translated by Esther Brownwood 2024.01.22.



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